How To Implement A High Performing Sales Operation In Your Digital Agency

Calling All Digital Agency Owners Who Want to Create a High Performing, Sustainable, Sales Operation in Their Digital Agency, and Watch Growth Explode

Download your free copy of this swipefile today.

Digital Agency Sales Swipefile

Your guide to creating effective sales strategy, process, accountability to ensure your sales team gets results, gets ongoing improvement, regardless if it's just you or a team of 100.
Download your free copy of this swipefile today. Learn how to set up a high performing sales function in your digital agency. Use the tools for ongoing, constant improvement and watch your growth explode.

In this value packed swipefile we will ensure you:

  • Setting Up Sales Understanding the 5 things you need to set up a sustainable, high performing sales team and system in your digital agency.

  • Sales Conversations Understand where most digital agency owners fail in sales conversations and meetings… AND give you a resource for self-assessment, so through awareness, you can improve.

  • Working The Numbers Understand the key conversion metrics you absolutely MUST measure and know, so you can fine tune and improve… AND give you a resource you can use to track performance that includes many suggestions and ideas to implement for improvement

  • Consistency is Key Build real sales knowledge assets in your agency, which will ensure your team represents your brand consistently, sales improvements can be implemented across the team and your agency benefits from your organisation wide pursuit of excellence

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Damian Papworth

With his almost 2 decades of experience in the Australian digital marketing industry, Damian Papworth has quickly become the authoritative voice of support for digital marketers around the world, providing them with innovative solutions that help them overcome operational obstacles in their business and unlock their potential to scale and succeed. Damian’s background includes running his own retail digital agency for many years and it’s this experience that inspired Damian to set up Globital, a white label, wholesale digital marketing solution laser-focused on supporting digital agencies in providing more robust, more effective and more successful digital marketing efforts to their clients.

Sales Swipe File from Globital is exceptionally valuable

"Not often do you find TRUE value in free documents in 2020, but I am happy to say that the Sales Swipe File from Globital is exceptionally valuable. What I value most is the ease at which I can access their Google spreadsheets already done for me and ready to implement in my business."

~Ryan Bowles - Business Coach & Mentor

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