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Outsourcing can’t work without exceptional communication channels. Luckily, technology has been emerging at break neck speeds and there are several new communication platforms which allow an Outsource Web Design project to be successful. Here we are highlighting different forms of technology available and provides some examples of services which can be utilized.

Outsource Web Design

Video & Talking

There is nothing more useful for getting an idea across in comparison with face to face over the phone. Formerly, it would have been very costly to be continually calling a company abroad, but technology has revealed that it can be very cheap and recurrently free. Services such as MSN, gTalk, Skype allow for phone calls and video conferencing via web. Making use of these services is free and instant if you do it by way of internet and it allows for simple communication with individual workers and project managers even if they are millions of miles away.

Interaction & Screen Sharing

With web designing, there is nothing simpler than next to a web designer and positioning at the screen while clarifying your ideas. Individuals often stagger at this point while outsource web designing services and spend hours in writing long e-mails or talking over the phone trying to clarify a simple point.

It is possible nowadays to see someone else screen and draw on it remotely. These tools, in combination with video or voice chat allow for only as simple interface as if you were sitting beside the designer. A few options that allow for this are Unyte Lite, Crossloop and TeamViewer.

Text Chat

When you only want to send a fast message to someone or need continuous interaction with a team member, text chat is a highly proficient tool to utilise. A rapid message regarding “how are things going on?” via Google Chat, or MSN makes someone who is millions of miles away seem very much closer. Obviously, it is significant not to misapply this tool through persistently pestering your website designer, though it can actually bring teams collectively as if they were working side by side.

File Sharing

Often firms will have an internal server where they store up important files and documents. Security can be a major concern if these are opened up to the website and thus usually companies have been reluctant to do this. Luckily, technology has emerged to our rescue again!

Services just like Dropbox allow you to put together a shared folder which is stored online and synchronised automatically on all computers that are sharing it. Thus, if you are outsourcing web developers saves a new Photoshop file into the shared folder, it will be downloaded into yours automatically.

Project Management & Email

Finally, good old e-mailing! This tested and tried the approach of communication should be the fundamental of any outsourced project. It allows for accountability, fast interaction and tracking of communication. Effective communication is imperative to any outsourced project and of you pursue the above-mentioned points, you are sure to enjoy a lucrative and successful project. Join our web development reseller program now.


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